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    OAuth 2 in Wildfly - Porting skeleton-key-as7 to Wildfly

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      we are using the skeleton-key-as7 (https://github.com/resteasy/Resteasy/tree/master/jaxrs/security/skeleton-key-idm/skeleton-key-as7) code to create and verify OAuth 2 tokens and provide authentication and authorization in our applications running on JBoss AS7. Since Wildfly will be released soon, we've started to try and deploy to Wildfly. One of the things that stops us from switching at the moment is the fact that the skeleton-key-as7 code relies on jboss-web, while Wildfly uses undertow.


      Are there plans to port the skeleton-key-as7 code base to Wildfly/undertow?





      Update: Looks like the keycloak project (Keycloak - JBoss Community) is what I was looking for.


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