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    How can the JBPMN Engine and Fluent API be used to create a Service Task node

    Bharat Mistry Newbie


      I have just started to try and understand the JBPM application. I am very new to this one week basically  I have a task at work that is specified as follows:


      Figure out how the BPMN engine calls the outside world to indicate that an instance of a workflow has completed.


      Whilst carry out the investigations I came across a possible, which was to use fluent API.  I cannot find any documentation or instructions on how to specify a service task e.g. The following example shows how to specify a basic action.

        RuleFlowProcessFactory factory = RuleFlowProcessFactory.createProcess("org.jbpm.process");
          // header
          .name("My process").packageName("org.jbpm")
          // nodes
          .action("java", "System.out.println(\"Action\");").done()
          // connections
          .connection(1, 2)
          .connection(2, 3);

      I would like to know how to specify a service task in place of an actionNode.


      Alternatively is there another solution which might be more suitable?