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    Richfaces Compatibility Problems with Internet Explorer 11


      I am developing a web application using RichFaces / JSF. The application behaved as expected on Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, and IE 9, however, I encountered serious compatibility problems with IE 11.

      • When a rich:modalPanel opens up, the dialog and buttons are completely greyed out.
      • The h:inputTextArea displays all of the server side code generated as opposed to being empty.
      • When I click the rich:calendar icon, it does not popup a calendar, even though I have set popup to true in the attributes.

      I do not encounter any of the above problems in any other browser except for IE 11When I debugged my web application in IE 11 Developer Tools, some messages related to the above mentioned problems were:

      • The function is undefined or null: selectNodes (JavaScript)
      • RichFaces skin issues

      I am running JBoss version 4.2.1.GA and RichFaces version 3.3.2


      What can I do to resolve these issues?