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    task search as Potential Owners is not working

    Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice



      I am testing jboss-bpms-6.0.0.Beta-redhat-5-deployable-eap6.x; so far, so good


      But i found an incorrect behaviour; when i do a search like this:


      RemoteRestRuntimeFactory factory = new RemoteRestRuntimeFactory("mydeployement", baseUrl, "demouser",


      RuntimeEngine engine = factory.newRuntimeEngine();

      TaskService service = engine.getTaskService();

      List<TaskSummary> tasks = service.getTasksAssignedAsPotentialOwner("demouser", "en");


      i get no results, but i have tasks for that user; i can see them in the business-central console, and also, when i get that task by id, i can see that this snippet:


      Task task = service.getTaskById(2);

      System.out.println(" task " + task.getPeopleAssignments().getPotentialOwners());


      gives me:


      task [[UserImpl:'demouser']]


      So, is this a bug ??? am i missing something ??