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    PicketLink 2.6.0.Beta2 Released

    Pedro Igor Master

      Hi All,


          Today we've released PicketLink 2.6.0.Beta2.


          Some of you may be asking why bump directly from 2.5.3.Beta1 to 2.6.0.Beta2. The reason is that we had made a mistake in the process of release numbering where the third digit was being used for feature updates instead of the second digit. It was fixed to yield 2.6.0.Beta2. The release scheme is explained in https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/PLINK/RoadMap+-+PicketLink+v2.5.3+and+Beyond.


          For the first time, we're not releasing the PicketLink Installer. The reason is that we're working to get the PicketLink static modules and extension/subsystems updated in EAP and WildFly. He hope to provide very soon all PicketLink support from EAP and WildFly.


          In this version we've also released for the first time the Permission API. For more details, check our documentation.


          We would like to thank all the community for this release, which gave us a lot of input and feedback ! Special thanks to John Schneider, John Manko, Pëtr Andreev, Fernando Marino, Michael Cirioli, Danny Parsons and many others for their contributions !


      Thanks in advance !

      PicketLink Team