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    Forge  2.0.0.Beta4. Scaffold Generate. Issue on created link if target directory don't is empty

    Luca Becarelli Newbie



      my actual Forge version is 2.0.0.Beta4.


      If i use Scaffold Generate and i set a target directory i presume that there is  an issue on generated link because don't have the target directory and this generate warning like:


      "[javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.renderkit] (ajp-localhost- JSF1090: Navigation case not resolved for component brandLink"


      with the result that the relative link don't work.


      Is this true?


      Best regards




      wofg_tab.zip is è simple project with an example of the issue. Those are the steps for reproduce the issue from the two entities : steps: 1) CTRL+5 2) Scaffold: Generate - Target Directory /tabs 3) Select JPA entities (Denominazione and Regione In /wofg_tab/src/main/webapp/tabs/regione/search.xhtml <h:link outcome="/regione/view">      <f:param name="id" value="#{_item.idRegione}"/>      <h:outputText id="itemCodiceRegione" value="#{_item.codiceRegione}"/> </h:link> outcome is /regione/view , but i presume that it  should be /tabs/regione/view .