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    Is there a way to intercept a safe state?

    Marius N Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I've recently started migrating a few processes from jBPM 3.2 to jBPM 5.4. Now these processes were using the transient variables functionality of version 3.2. As far as i could find out, v5.4 doesn't support transient variables yet (please correct me if it does) so i'm stuck with finding a way to support them.

      My first thought was to use transients as simple process variables but clear them somehow before the process is persisted. I tried a task that does this before an intermediate catch event but due to having a parallel process and the sequential processing of a parallel gateway's outgoing connections, if any path other than the last one would end in and intermediate catch event and clear the transients, the other paths would fail, as they also use the transients.


      So what I'm trying to find now is if there is a way to intercept a safe state and clear the transients right before the process is persisted.


      Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated,

      Thank you