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    modcluster using http connector not ajp

    Isa B Newbie



      I have successs fully impletment moncluster on wildfly8 using ajp, but I want to try with the http connector. I was thought all I need to do is in the standalone-ha.xml all I need to do was change the connector option to http. However this does not work and the node dont seem to register when I look at the mod_cluster_manager page.


      This is my modcluster subsystem in stanalone-ha.xml


      <mod-cluster-config advertise-socket="modcluster" proxy-list="myserver:9000" proxy-url="/" advertise="true" excluded-contexts="ROOT,invoker,jbossws,juddi,console" auto-enable-contexts="true" stop-context-timeout="10" socket-timeout="20" sticky-session="false" sticky-session-remove="false" sticky-session-force="false" worker-timeout="-1" max-attempts="1" flush-packets="false" flush-wait="-1" ping="10" smax="-1" ttl="-1" node-timeout="-1" connector="http"/>



      This is my httpd config.



      LoadModule proxy_module modules/mod_proxy.so
      LoadModule slotmem_module  modules/mod_slotmem.so

      LoadModule proxy_ajp_module     modules/mod_proxy_ajp.so

      LoadModule manager_module  modules/mod_manager.so


      LoadModule proxy_cluster_module modules/mod_proxy_cluster.so

      LoadModule advertise_module     modules/mod_advertise.so


      CreateBalancers 1


      <IfModule manager_module>


         Listen myserver:9000


        <VirtualHost myserver:9000>


          ProxyPass /Foo/ balancer://mycluster/Foo/ nofailover=On

          ProxyPassReverse /Foo/ balancer://mycluster/Foo/


      <Location /mod_cluster_manager>


         SetHandler mod_cluster-manager




      ManagerBalancerName mycluster


          KeepAliveTimeout 300


          MaxKeepAliveRequests 0


          AdvertiseFrequency 5


          ServerAdvertise On








          ErrorLog logs/modcluster_error.log


          CustomLog logs/modcluster_access.log common


          LogLevel debug