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    The Swipe Identity Api - Run on JBoss 7.1


      I am pretty sure that this is not the right place in the forum to post this but

      as I dosen't found one, I had to post it there Sorry in advance guy's.

      I have been working hard on a new security API that will allow anyone
      to have two factor authentication for free. It’s been a personal
      project as I am tired of all these accounts getting hacked due to weak
      passwords.  This API is running on JBoss 7.1 and I it will be nice if you

      can take a look to the platform to see if you can have any recommandation for me.

      As our API is completely free, I am not here to do some publicity but
      would like your comments about how I can make it even better and more
      user friendly. In the same time, if you have any hint's on how I can upgrade

      the performance a little it will be great.

      I also have an exception sometime that look's like : ERROR [stderr] (Periodic Recovery) Exception in thread "Periodic Recovery" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

      And I can't reproduce it so maybe If I got some users it will be more easier to test .

      It's all based on REST call and we provide a JAVA, C# and PHP Toolkit.

      We also provide a Radius proxy server that you can install on any
      Linux based platform as well as a wordpress plugin. They are both
      very easy to integrate.

      Looking forward to have your comments on our API!