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    Upgrade to Hibernate 4.3

    Thomas Goettlich Novice



      due to a bug in Hibernate prior to 4.3 we need to upgrade the JBoss module to 4.3.

      With Hibernate 4.2.8 it was sufficient to just replace the relevant jars but Hibernate 4.3.0 seems to have some integration classes removed.


      As far as I could find information on the net, it seems that the integration classes have been moved to project Jipijapa, but just adding that to the hibernate module doesn't work.

      So far I wasn't successful finding a guide on how to upgrade JBoss 7.2 to use Hibernate 4.3.0 (and most probably Jipijapa as well).


      Is this possible and if so, is there a guide somewhere?


      Thanks in advance.