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    Strange feature in switchtyard.xml

    Lukasz Sroka Newbie

      Hello, i have reference in my xml to some @named bean eg.

      <sca:reference name="UserManagementService"




                      interface="com.asb.soa.user.management.UserManagementService" />

                  <sca:binding.sca sy:targetNamespace="urn:com.asb.soa" />


              <sca:component name="RegistrationPageBean">

                  <bean:implementation.bean class="com.asb.atsp.page.RegistrationPageBean" />

                  <sca:reference name="UserManagementService">


                          interface="com.asb.soa.user.management.UserManagementService" />





      And this strange part begins in my other @name bean eg. ProfileBean

      there i have put

      public class MyAoipProfilePageBean implements Serializable {
          private static final long serialVersionUID = 5304355490768143798L;

          private UserManagementService userManager;

      reference like above. And guess ? I works !!! without puting this @named beand into swtichyard.xml as another <sca:component>

      Does any one have observe this ? Is this bug or feature