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    Evaluating Errai - Questions about GWT integration

    Nathan Keeney Newbie


      I'm evaluating Errai as a client-server communication framework for our existing GWT client application. The existing application is client-only (no-server) GWT that consumes SOAP services. It runs in a single page session, and relies on near-real-time server events (currently implemented via hanging-GET polling and RequestBuilder). However, we're evaluating ways to add client-server RPC in order (among other things) to implement remote paging on GWT CellTables. Initially, I planned to simply use GWT-RPC for this purpose, but the total lack of support for server push and/or WebSockets led me to Errai. I'd be thankful for any information I could get about the following questions, to help make our decision:


      1. Will Errai integrate directly with GWT data-binding for features such as CellTables with remote paging? Will Errai "get in the way" or require a parallel GWT-RPC implementation to use GWT CellTables? Can Errai Data Binding be used directly with GWT CellTables?


      2. Are there any glaring downsides to deploying Errai under Jetty, as opposed to JBoss AS?


      Thank you!