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    [wildfly 8.0CR1] redirect changes session id

    Anna Jurek Newbie


      I'm migrating applications from jboss 7.1.1. to wildfly 8.0 cr1. I have following problem. Application A has Filter which checks if user is already logged in. If not it redirects user to application for logging in (app B). This solution is based on the fact that session id is the same. In wildfly 8.0 for some reason redirect to application B changes session id. The same thing happens when user will be authenticated in app B and then is again redirected to app A. It looks like there is some problem with cookies, but I'm not sure (app A and B are on the same app server).

      Right now I'm using default settings for undertow module and in web.xml I have following session config (I was using path in jboss 7.1.1. to make sure that all apps see cookie otherwise each app stores it's own cookie under /app_name):








      Can you please help me?


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