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    Collaboration diagram and message flow

    Jocelyn Duc Novice



      I have seen that jBPM 6 is not still supporting collaboration diagram. I need to evaluate jBPM for a project that need collaboration between multiple actors and group.


      What I need is like the OMG's pizza example (http://www.omg.org/spec/BPMN/2.0/examples/ZIP/Pizza/) which is representing message flows between a customer and some pizzeria actors. I have seen that a such diagram cannot be imported and executed through the web-based jbpm-console.


      My questions are the following:

      • Is there an alternative way to modelize that kind of collaboration process?
      • Is it possible to define message flows in a non-collaboration diagram?
      • Is it possible to start a second BPM from a first one with messages or signals?
      • Are the tools needed scheduled in the roadmap?


      I hope you understand my needs and that you will be able to explain me what are the possibilites! I need to respect BPMN 2.0.


      Thank you