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    @DataField binding for generic Div without clearing it

    Jason Hobbs Newbie

      What class should I use to bind a div such as :


      <div class="progress progress-striped" data-field="progressWrapper">

           <div data-field="progressBar" class="progress-bar progress-bar-info" style="width:100%;"> </div>


      I've tried a couple of different iterations of this:


           @Inject @DataField private SimplePanel progressWrapper;


      So I could do things like this in event handlers:

          progressWrapper.addStyleName("fade out");



      The event handler works, but the above @DataField declaration causes the div to be cleared, and therefore doesn't render right.  When I look at the rendered div with Firefox's dev tools, it looks like this:

           <div class="progress progress-striped" data-field="progressWrapper"></div>


      Is there some documentation somewhere that I've missed that will tell me what Java class to use to avoid the contents of the div from being cleared?