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    Bridging between synchronous and asynchronous calls

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      I have a long running process that is kicked off by calls to a one-way web service. When finished the process calls back to the caller with the result. Now, the application expected to be the caller will not be able to set up a callback endpoint so I have to develop something that stays in between the caller and the process. This thing will expose a synchronous web service that will kick off the process and return the result. It will also set up a callback interface and be able to correlate callbacks to open sessions and return the synchronous call.


      How can Fuse ESB help here and is there a mediation pattern for this scenario?



              Request          One-way

               ----->          ------>

      [Caller]        [Bridge]         [Process]

               <-----          <------

              Response         One-way


      Figure 1: Excuse my poor illustration