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    Errai CDI Injection Question

    Matt Parker Newbie

      I'm having trouble injecting an object to send new events in a GWT widget.


      I started with the Errai tutorial, and have modified to use OpenLayers GWT project. I would have to track certain

      map events, sending them to a backend service for processing.


      I used what is the standard example from the CDI documentation.


      I using the entire Errai stack, defining the following in my gwt.xml file:


      <inherits name="org.jboss.errai.enterprise.All" />


      I have a GWT widget with the following mapChanged variable to send events:


      public class MapView extends DockPanel {
          Event<MapChangedEvent> mapChanged;
          public MapView() {
              if ( mapChanged == null ){
                  GWT.log("New: mapchanged is null");

      where the GWT.log reports that mapChanged is null.


      This is trying to communicate with a server side entity, defined like the following:


      public class MapModelService {
          private static Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(MapModelService.class);
          public void userChangedMapView( @Observes MapChangedEvent event ){
              log.info("User Changed Map VIew: Event recieved " + event.getEventType() );


      with the following event object to transfer the data:


      public class MapChangedEvent {
          public MapChangedEvent(){


      I'm not sure why mapChanged continues to be null at startup.