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    Optimistic locking

    Jan Radl Newbie

      Hi all,

      one question for optimistic locking. I'am facing to the following problem in optimistic locking:


      1) in select method I load all data from EB to local structs in Session bean.
      2) I change local structs by an other methods from client
      3) in update method I call findByPK method and than setter method to store data from SFB to EB

      The problem is in point 3. I'm not able to store my timestamp field (locking field) from structs to EB and thats why optimistic locking does not work for me because DB is compared against timestamp field loaded in findByPK method in point 3.

      In SFB I can store EB reference in private property but what can I do in SSB ?

      Any idea ?