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    Include all ear files using wildcard character in jboss-service.xml in jboss 5.1

    Ramesh E Newbie

      Hi team,

      In jboss 5.1 as    jboss-service.xml

      My requirement:

      In my deploy folder i am having "abc.ear" and "def.ear"
      I want to include all ear files like below using wildcard character *.

      <classpath codebase="${jboss.server.home.url}deploy/*.ear" archives="*"/>

      I don't want to include like below with hardcoding individual ear names

      <classpath codebase="${jboss.server.home.url}deploy/abc.ear" archives="*"/>
      <classpath codebase="${jboss.server.home.url}deploy/def.ear" archives="*"/>

      Is there any workaround to achive this requirement. Help me