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    picketlink-authentication-idm-multi-tenancy login user without choose partition.

    Luis Eraso Newbie

      I configured various partitions and put some users in each of one like is demostrated in the picketlink-authentication-idm-multi-tenancy quickstar. But before login the user need to choose one of the partitions.


      Is there a way to authenticate a user without have to make this choice. I mean, can the authenticator  take the partiton the user belongs by default?. I need to have my own authenticator or maybe I am doing somthing wrong in my configuration.

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          Pedro Igor Master

          Hi Luis,


              Very good question. In order to load an user you need to know the partition he belongs to. So, the quick answer is no.


              Usually, people are extracting the partition from the user name. Something like "luis@partitionA". Where "partitionA" refers (directly or indirectly) to the name of a partition where the user belongs.


              Also, please remember that an user with the same name can exists in different partitions. It can be tricky the way you find the partition an user belongs. This can lead to a another requirement where if an user was found in multiple partitions you should present him a specific page for selection.