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    ModeShape 4.0 codebase is now under ASL 2.0

    Randall Hauch Master

      All of the codebase on the 'master' branch has been relicensed under ASL 2.0, and the issue (MODE-2081) has been marked as resolved. This code will be released for the first time under 4.0, while any future release of ModeShape 3.x will remain under its same license, the LGPL 2.1.


      Thank you to all contributors of the current codebase that have agreed to the relicensing, and thanks to all current contributors that have put up with the massive amounts of changes. Hopefully it is not too disruptive.


      Now, all contributors should please update their IDEs to use the new header for all .java source files, plus any .xml, .cnd, and .properties files that are included in the non-test codebase. Our build now checks the source file headers and will fail if any headers do not exactly match this file. Every build will also use CheckStyle with custom rules (MODE-2148) to help us maintain a level of code quality and consistency. (The checks only add about 20-25 seconds to the full build.)


      Thanks, and best regards!