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    Injecting Services in Tests

    Cristian Miranda Newbie



           I saw in the documentation that the only way to test a service is with the Invoker:


      @SwitchYardTestCaseConfig(config = "META-INF/switchyard.xml")
      public class MyServiceTest extends SwitchYardTestCase  {   
        public void testOperation() {
              .sendInOnly("Test message content");


           This not only doesn't allow me to use autocompletion and a type safe way to invoke services (minor stuff), but it also makes me repeat some code in my interfaces and does not allow me to extend and inherit some methods.


           Here's an example: http://pastebin.com/hnD4jQF8 ... see how I need to repeat the save() method in my LogService instead of just extending CommonDao bean and inheriting from it.


      cc/ kcbabo (we talked about this in the #switchyard IRC channel)



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          Anton Hughes Master

          Hi Cristian


          Just to add my voice to this point - agree, refactoring / type safety would great.


          I know that strings are typical for use with Camel, nonetheless, it does make refactoring and typesafety a challenge.

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            Keith Babo Master

            I think there are actually a number of things at play here.


            First, the operations available for a service are those methods defined directly on the interface declared in the @Service annotation.  In this case of your example, the operations defined in LogService are the only ones recognized by the runtime.  This is not an issue unique to the test framework, as the same constraint exists at runtime as well.  I have filed a JIRA to support all methods in the interface hierarchy to be included:



            Second, the existing test client invoker is not type-restricted in order to allow for interface types other than Java (WSDL, ESB, and extensions).  Personally, I find this to be very flexible and easy to use.  That said, I understand a desire for compile-time safety and the ease-of-use that goes along with using a interface type directly to invoke a service with a Java contract.  It should be possible to inject a CDI proxy in the test environment to allow this capability, so please file a JIRA requesting it as a feature if you want to see this capability.




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              Cristian Miranda Newbie

              Thank you Keith. You've been very helpful!.