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    Umlauts problems. How to set default encoding in JBoss EAP 6?

    Evgeny Mironenko Newbie

      All my JSF pages have ISO-8859-1 encoding to correct display umlauts. When I migrate to JBoss EAP 6 (from EAP 5) and JSF 2.19 (from JSF 1.2) I have problems with it. When I have umlauts in JSF form, and I trying send request, then after page rendering we can see text with wrong umlauts.





      I don't want change all my pages to UTF-8 encoding and also I don't want adding filter, which will be set UTF-8 encoding for all requests. It is bad idea. In debug mode, I set breakpoint in Http11Processor class, which include in jbossweb library and set character encoding UTF-8 to request. And it's working for me. All umlauts is correct. I hope, that in JBoss I can set default encoding, how in glassfish (in glassfish-web.xml). And all requests will be have UTF-8 encoding.