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    SwitchYard Camel Components

    Tom Murphy Newbie

      Hi all,

      Firstly I am a complete switchyard newbie so apologies if this question does not make a huge amount of sense.


      I am wondering how are the 80+ camel components supported in switchyard. More particularily how do they manage to communicate with the outside world from the application server. Is there some specific trick that switchyard uses so as not to require each of these components to have its own JCA adapter. Maybe I can give a more concrete example if i wish to use the camel-smpp component which talks on port 2775 to send and recieve smpp messages how does switchyard open the port to send the messages.


      many thanks

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          Keith Babo Master

          In the case of your specific example, the camel-smpp component uses JSMPP under the covers to send and receive SMS messages.  SwitchYard is integrated a subsystem in the AS and listens for deployment of SY applications.  When a SY application is deployed which contains SMPP bindings, the deployer will active an SMPP endpoint in Camel.