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    ClassCastException: WrappedResultSetJDK6 cannot be cast to OracleResultSet

    Ravi Patil Newbie

      Hi All,


      My environment details are :


      JBOSS EAP 6.1.0

      oracle 11g



      I am trying to :


      String sql = "SELECT query ...";
      Statement stmt = ConnMan.getConnection("MyDS1").prepareStatement(sql);
      ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery();
      NativeJdbcExtractor njdbcExtractor = new NativeJdbcExtractor();
      OracleResultSet ors = (OracleResultSet) njdbcExtractor.getNativeResultSet(rs);              
      XMLType xml = null;
      try {
          Integer type = rs.getInt(1);
          OPAQUE opaque = ors.getOPAQUE(2);
          xml = XMLType.createXML(opaque);



      OracleResultSet ors = (OracleResultSet) njdbcExtractor.getNativeResultSet(rs); 

      Highlighted line is throwing this exception. whereas the exact code works fine in weblogic.


      Please help!