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    EJB "shutdown exception" is not caught by EJB interceptors

    Nicky Mølholm Newbie

      Hi Guys,


      This might be "working as designed". However I was a bit surprised of the interceptor precedence here.


      Using: JBoss AS 7.2 Final.


      I have a "BeanA" that invokes a method on "BeanB" in a @Timeout method. Both beans are EJB session beans.


      Upon shutdown of the application server, BeanA receives this exception:

      javax.ejb.EJBException: JBAS014559: Invocation cannot proceed as component is shutting down


      I hoped that I could write a default EJB  interceptor that catches this exception. But it turns out that the BeanB EJB proxy never get's to call my interceptor - since an internal EJB stack interceptor blows up first....


      ( My intention is to perform some internal translation to a typesafe EJBException subclass )


      Anyways - is it possible to instruct JBoss AS 7.2 to give application interceptors precedence to system interceptors ? If not - then that would be nice (regarding security concerns...cannot imagine any loopholes here...)