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    Documentation fixing/improvement

    Julius Mensing Newbie

      Hello RHQ community,


      I just followed the documentation to install RHQ 4.9 from scratch on one machine.


      A few points that I came across:


      On Installing the server:


      In the section of the Quick Installation Steps it says that for the password generation

      one can use rhq-encode-password.[sh,bat]

      This seems to be outdated and replaced with rhq-installer.sh --dbpassword=[password]

      The file rhq-storage.properties is not coming with the package downloaded from sourceforge.

      Is there a mistake in the package or in the documentation?

      On Running the RHQ Server:


      Service Installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2

      1. Copy the rhq-server.sh script into the /etc/init.d directory.

      I presume this should read rhqctl instead of rhq-server.sh

      How do you usually go about changes in the documentation?

      Does someone update it if these are valid corrections?