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    Infinispan 6 on JBoss AS 7.2 final not replicating when start a new node

    Gabriel Francisco dos Santos Silva Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to make Infinispan replicate a persistent cache, but it doesn't work very well.

      Here is my conf: (i'm not using Syntax Highlighting 'cause it's not working)


      <replicated-cache name="mysql-cache" mode="SYNC" remote-timeout="4000" start="EAGER">

                          <eviction max-entries="1000" strategy="LIRS"/>

                          <expiration max-idle="-1" lifespan="-1"/>

                  <string-keyed-jdbc-store datasource="java:jboss/datasources/MySQLCache" passivation="false" purge="false" preload="true" >

                              <string-keyed-table prefix="stringbased">

                                  <id-column name="id" type="VARCHAR(200)"/>

                                  <data-column name="value" type="VARCHAR(200)"/>





      My scenario is:


      I start two nodes in a cluster. Then, add 50 registers in cache. That works great. Well... I stop one node, add another 50 registers, so I turn this one up again and start-up the synchronization, after it ends, the node has only 97 registers, while the other one has 100 registers.

      I already tested it without cache-store and it works fine. It seems like a jdbc-stored issue.


      Well, I'm waiting for an answer.

      Thank you in advance!