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    Problem with IIS and ERRAI BUS

    Klaus Maßing Newbie


      I have a strange problem reciving an answer for a message send via the bus to the JBoss when routing through a IIS 7.5

      The IIS does nothing but URL rewriting.


      I have tried the same with a Apache, without any problems.

      Routing from the IIS to the Apache first has the same problems.


      The only difference I found between accessing the JBoss/Apache directly and having the IIS answered, is the call to


      /MyAPP/in.12345-45678.erraibus is running endless via IIS, everything else works properly.


      I suppose it has something to do with the MIME type "text/event-stream" as the IIS is quite freaky with MIME types he does not know.

      I added that to the MIME types but with no succsess so far.


      Any suggestions???


      If you want to see yourself send me an email, and i will tell you the URL.


      Thanks in advance