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    Complete, build and testing, scenario for JBoss using ONLY MAVEN

    Somostetoi Kilato Newbie



      Does anybody have a complete and also elegant solution for a complete MAVEN based scenario?


      By complete I mean, it covers the build of all artifacts, start of JBoss, deployment of the created artifacts into JBoss and runs all the existing testng/dbunit tests. By elegant I mean, it must use MAVEN as much as possible. All my tests are against a running JBoss what is is started up right after the build phase was finished and the new artifact were deployed. So, what I need is somehow like this list of steps: checkout, compile, package, deploy (into the .m2 and JBoss), start-up the JBoss and start the functional and stress tests. What I don't know is how could I do these using ONLY MAVEN


      Thank you.