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    Problems on Richfaces response of ajax requests on MyFaces 2.1.14 and 2.2.0

    Gustavo Ehrhardt Newbie

      Hi there!


      I'm dealing with a bug on Richfaces when I use the Myfaces. Any help is appreciated.

      The content of the ajax response is a invalid xml, cause it don't closes the elements "</changes>" and "</partial-response>".

      But this behavior occurs only when I use MyFaces and Richfaces. The response is correctly sent when I use Mojarra and Richfaces or when I use Myfaces without Richfaces.

      This bug causes a javascript error on the response rendering.


      Do you know anything about it?

      Thanks in advance.


      See code details below.



      <h:commandButton value="exec" action="#{sampleMB.exec}">
         <f:ajax render="container" />


      The response with Mojarra and Richfaces (OK)

      <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
      <partial-response><changes><update id="baseFrm:container"><![CDATA[<table id="baseFrm:container">
      <tbody>... all the response content...
      ]]></update><update id="javax.faces.ViewState"><![CDATA[-344784040722235063:-2129393261585706136]]></update>
      <extension id="org.richfaces.extension"><render>baseFrm:container</render></extension></changes></partial-response>


      The response with MyFaces and Richfaces (Invalid XML)

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><partial-response><changes><update id="baseFrm:container"><![CDATA[<table id="baseFrm:container"><tbody>
      ... all the response content...
      </table>]]></update><update id="javax.faces.ViewState"><![CDATA[W/PdsRED86VRyU79XLRNZINWug3oL5i4vjJ8wyvMsSI8DbEP]]></update>






      MyFaces 2.1.14 or MyFaces 2.2.0

      Richfaces 4.3.4 or Richfaces 4.3.5 or Richfaces 5.0.0.Alpha2

      Tomcat 7.0.50

      Windows 7