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    Errai and GWT UIBinder

    Matt Parker Newbie



      I created several views through GWT's UIBinder. It was nice to use the editor to create the widgets.


      Problems occurred when I was trying to get the @DataField annotations to link to the items in the HTML interface.

      It was complaining that the GWT tags didn't accept the data-field attribute. I couldn't get it to work until I removed

      all the GWT tags and replaced everything in the HTML template with straight HTML5.


      A couple of questions:


      1. Is there a way to use Errai's data binding and GWT tags together so that I can still use UiBinder functionality? Do I have to manually link the web interface objects with the Java class variables?

      2. If not, then what is the benefit of using GWT at all with Errai?

      3. If I go with straight Errai UI data bindings, I'm now limited to HTML in the templates, and am I losing all the cross-browser functionality benefits of GWT?

      4. Are there any longer terms plans to support GWT UIBinder in Errai 3.0?


      I'm using Errai 2.4.3 and GWT 2.5.1.