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    Drools Guvnor Guvnor Can I use Java without programming ?

    Daniela Vera Garcia Newbie

      Wear a few weeks trying to work with Drools Guvnor specifically . I am a systems analyst and the company that I work now I think it would be good to opt for the use of a rules engine business or at least to have a repository of rules that allow us to consultants analysts manage the business rules of each easily project . Well, I gave myself the task of reviewing the official site and Drools Guvnor specific http://www.jboss.org/drools/drools-guvnor.html after reading the documentation basically says that Guvnor : a centralized business rules that allows a web interface to manage repository. And among the things offered the following points stand out :



      - Create a wizard guided rules ,

      - Create decision tables in a visual way ,

      - Create, edit and store business models created in either language or making a DSL upload POJOs , so they can be used as a model of business rules ,

      - Create tasks associated forms of business process

      - Take a historic change versions of all resources stored.



      Well, as you can see from the point of view of a consultant would be an ideal Guvnor to manage business rules for each of the projects besides being able to have a tool that allows customers to interact in an easy and understandable with tool your business rules and stop suffering and hell have watered our rules in the code and / or documentation. What promises Guvnor is the dream of any analyst to take control and manage the business rules easily and correctly. However, since a few days I've been trying to work with Guvnor (which I have installed on a local server ), I'm declaring my step made models and modeling and business rules from guvnor ... I read the tutorials , manuals, and other blogs .... I understand that prior to modeling the rules need to have a model made ... in my case since I am an analyst chooses to choose the path of creating a declarative model that is not requiring a JAR (which according to the manual this is another way). The problem arises when I start to define the business rules for this I chose the road : Business Rule ( Guided editor) as to validate and verify my rules I get errors and warnings like:Rule 'null' has not RHS . rules impacted null or [package configuration problem ] Error creating field accessors for TypeDeclaration ' warning ' for type ' warning ' ... I made some examples of tutorials that choose this path and errors at the time of verification are very similar ... My question is how and by today 's open forum In truth , I use Guvnor without programming models or define POJO ( JAVA) type ? And if if .. could help me find concrete examples of this functionality with guvnor ... and the second question to use models with decision table do

      I need my models made with JAVA ? .


      Actually I'm kinda stuck with this I would like advice. If someone could work with this forum would appreciate it .