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    Can't get boundary event to work

    Jay Guidos Novice

      Hi All,


      I am trying to drop a signal boundary event on a task.  The generated BPMN shows the node:


             <bpmn2:boundaryEvent id="_33BFC790-DEA3-4701-AFD9-9E389891075E" drools:bgcolor="#f5deb3" drools:selectable="true" drools:bordercolor="#FF6600" drools:boundaryca="false" name="" attachedToRef="_177FF253-CB79-4045-B180-2F89F8FE5E74">
                  <bpmn2:errorEventDefinition id="_2PWhkIeVEeORYa0lOGcp0g" drools:erefname="JobControlFailed" errorRef="JobControlFailed"/>


      But when I try to build and deploy I get an error:


      14:41:35,415 INFO  [org.guvnor.common.services.builder.ResourceChangeIncrementalBuilder] (pool-37-thread-1) Batch incremental build request being processed.
      14:56:01,205 ERROR [org.drools.compiler.kie.builder.impl.AbstractKieModule] (http-localhost- Unable to build KieBaseModel:defaultKieBase
      [-1,-1]: Process 'TestJobControl' [BidsDay.TestJobControl]: Event node '' [8] should specify an event type


      I can't find anywhere on the editor to specify an event type. How do I do that?