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    Can someone take down the old guide for Arquillian-Drone?

    Craig Schwarzwald Newbie

      When doing a Google search for "Arquillian Selenium", the top result I got was for:



      However, this guide seems to be old.  It talks about DefaultSelenium which uses Selenium RC which is outdated, and with Selenium 3.0 now out, is about to be totally depricated.  What I think I really want(ed) is/was:



      Note: When going to http://arquillian.org/guides/ only the latter is present, and there is no direct link to the first out of date guide (except via search engines).  It would be nice to not get directed to out of date guides (or at least have a giant warning at the top of it and a link to go to the more up to date one).


      I've tried clicking the "Edit this file" button on the out of date guide, but it just brings you to a failed github 404 page, so this isn't anything I think I can do myself.