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    Have a Webservice (JAX-WS) and a Webapplication (JSF) listen to two distinct TCP ports?

    Christian Reiter Newbie



      For security reasons I would like to segregate the TCP ports of a JAX-WS Webservice and a JSF-Webapplication. The difficulty I face is, that they should share a common set of EJBs as their business-logic backing:



      In this drawing, the JSF application is intended to be used only internally, but the SOAP Webservice should be available to a broader audience.


      Is it possible to do that as sketched up? How?

      Would it be possible to achieve this with two instances of JBoss but without the overhead of remoting?



      My Question regards JBoss 7 or EAP 6.x.x


      Thank you very much in anticipation of your suggestions!


      Best Regards,