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    Invoking an already registered ESB service using a different service name and category name

    Anish Somadevan Newbie



      I have few registered ESB services with their appropriate service and category names. But now am in need of changing the service name and category name for these services in the jboss-esb.xml . Though i change the service and category names, i want the Service invoker to pick the already available registered service instead of registering a new ESB service with the updated service and categiry name.





      <service category="TestAdapter" description="Testing service"

         name="Test123" invmScope="GLOBAL">   -> Calls an ESB service Testing1


      After Modifying with new names,


      <service category="newTestAdapter" description="New Testing service"

         name="NewTest123" invmScope="GLOBAL">  --> Want this also to call ESB service Testing1



      Can you please help me on how to implement this?


      Thanks ,