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    Update an application in a production environment without stopping the application

    Jean-Pierre RIO Newbie



      TC7 and Weblogic offer this very interesting feature (beeing able to upgrade an application without service loss).

      For more details :



      A quote from the second paper to illustrate : "Something that has long plagued web development is a difficulty updating running applications. The typical operation is to cut users off from the application (sometimes brutally), stop the running application, un-deploy the current version, deploy a new version, start the new version, and finally allow users to return to the application. In some cases it’s possible to re-deploy applications in place, but it will usually still result in an interruption to the user as the application is cleaned and restarted. The Apache Tomcat v7 brings with it a feature called Parallel Deployment, which allows deploying more than one application to the same context. This feature allows any activities going on with a session-based application to continue interacting with the “old” version even as a new version is deployed. This results in an effective zero-downtime solution, as long as your app behaves."


      Is there such a feature in Wildfly ?