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    Default Behaviour Lazy loading?

    sajeesh pj Newbie

      I am using jboss 3.2.1. With my sample beans I find that the default behaviour of my CMP is 'lazy/late initialisation'. As a result of which N+1 querries are getting executed. Is there a way to change to eager initialisation. What config file do i need to touch?


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          kprindia Newbie

          Even i am facing the above problem.
          Due to which, ejbSelectAll is giving poor performance.
          Getting a collection for large number of rows is being done quickly. But iterating over that collection to create a object similar to java bean
          is taking unusually long time (at the order of 2 to 3 secs for each bean).

          Can anyone let me know how to solve the above problem.

          please reply to kprindia@yahoo.com