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    Is querying of Infinispan affected by Passivation settings?

    Kieran Ryan Newbie

      I am using Infinispan 6.01 and I am experimenting with the performance of the query API (using the Hibernate indexing annotations and the Infinispan Query DSL.)


      I am wondering if the indexing aspect, which allows for querying of the Cache, is independent of the Passivation settings? i.e. if a seldom used entry is moved to the Cache Store on disk, is it still part of the index? (I am hoping the answer is Yes, but I couldn't see anything specifically in the documentation about it).


      I would also expect that the query performance would be unaffected by the location of the Cache entries (i.e. it shouldn't matter whether the particular items that satisfy my query parameters are on disk or in memory because the index lookup is independent of the location of the cache entries?)


      My next step would be to run some experiments to prove these points one way or the other, but I am hoping someone knows the answer already?