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    How to migrate from 2.x to 3.7.1

    Alexey Shashov Newbie



      I'm fairly new to modeshape. I have an existing java application, that is using modeshape 2 . Modeshape stores data inside an oracle database. I want to migrate my application to modeshape 3.7.1. I've read, that the java code should remain the same, since JCR API standart haven't changed. I understand, that I need to replace my modeshape-config.xml with .json configuration file and infinispan configuration file. I have found json schema, but I don't understand how transform my xml configuration into json one. It seems like the elements are different.

      Is it possible to use the same database for modeshape 3.7.1, that is used for modeshape 2? If it is, then where should I put connectionUrl for DB with modeshape's data inside .json configuration?

      Is infinispan configuration mandatory?