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    A noob question RE server stopping/restarting

    Greg Yantz Newbie

      When the WildFly server is stopped or restarted, all of the deployed applications are un-deployed and then re-deployed on startup.  Is there a way to stop that from happening, so that when the server shuts down the currently deployed applications don't need to re-deploy themselves when the server restarts?


      Two reasons for the question.

      1. The server is currently taking about 5 minutes to start with 12 relatively small applications deployed (war files are about 6Mb each).
      2. One of the applications is a static content repository that I periodically add content to (videos, pdfs, etc).  Our current application server allows me to do so without having to re-deploy a war file (the combined war file with all of the content files is about 4 GB in size), so I make small war with the file structure and simply copy and paste the files into the deployed directory.  Since the application is undeployed when the server stops or is restarted, I can't use this method with WildFly.


      So, am I missing something obvious, or can this not be done with WildFly (or jBoss)?



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          Tomaz Cerar Master



          if you want to modify contents of application without restarting the server you can deploy your war exploded and it will work.


          Other thing you could do is in WildFly 8 with Undertow subsystem you configure handling certain context paths directly from disk, in your case folder with videos etc...

          this way it would bypass your war completely and would be served by server itself.