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    EJB communication in Jboss AS 7

    Divya Ahuja Newbie



      I have deplyed my application on Jboss AS 7. Below is how its architecture is:-

      Client(UI) --> Model(proxy) --> Server(ear deplyed on jboss)

      Client uses the model side API's to make server side calls and i have a stateless Session bean as entry point for performing all the server side opeations.


      I observed that communication between model and server side is taking more time as compared to jboss eap5.1(to be more precise the time taken is 4 times more in jboss AS 7 as compared to jboss eap5.1), thus causing a degarade in performance. Here by communication means serialization and de-serialization of SLSB and some other processes involved etc.. I also conformed that the degrade is not becuase of any of the server side implementaion. Performance degrade is caused in model to sever side communication.


      Can anyone tell me why this degarde in Jboss AS 7 as compared to jboss eap 5.1 . Any data/link available containing this info will be helpfull.


      Note:- My application is using EJB2.1.