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    Is uploading file supported by GateIn when using it as a producer for a remote portlet?

    Harold Roussel Newbie

      Hello.  We have a setup involving Oracle Web Center on the front end, talking to a remote portlet.  The remote portlet runs under GateIn on another server.


      The setup works correctly except for one thing.  In one of our jsp pages we have a html form inside which we have an upload field.  As soon as we put the enctype attribute (with value multipart/form-data) in our html form, then we can no longer post the form.  An exception occurs in GateIn about a class not found (javax.mail.BodyPart).  It looks like the encoding of the uploaded file is not managed properly by GateIn.


      So my question is whether or not anybody has done that kind of setup, using GateIn as a portlet producer, consuming remotely via wsrp the portlet (with Oracle Web Center or another portal), and then uploading files through an html form.  Thanks.