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    Session per request strategy persisting sessioninfo records? (6.0.1.Final)

    Jon Kranes Newbie

      I am currently converting a former 5.4 application to 6.0.1 so am just coming up to speed with some of the new concepts.  I am using the session per request strategy, and according to the documentation the session should be destroyed at the end of the request.  However I am seeing a new sessioninfo record created in the database for each new request.  Do I need to do something explicitly in my code to destroy the session at the end of the request?  I tried both ksession.destroy() and runtimeManager.disposeRuntimeEngine() but neither of these seemed to do the trick.  Can someone please clarify what I need to do to ensure the session is properly destroyed?  Or am I misunderstanding the documentation and is the creation of a new sessioninfo record per request the expected behavior?