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    Resources in simulation

    Marvin Ludwig Newbie

      It's a pity that such a nice function as simulation is so poorly documented, I've only found a video that showed some introduction.


      Anyway, the question I have is whether the jBPM simulation is supporting resources or will support it. As I see it, the simulation principle is one resource per task. What I am looking for is the possibility to attach multiple resources to a task and / or a resource to multiple tasks.

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          resources are supported for user tasks and as resources we consider human actors that are represented as staff in the simulation properties. So you can specify how many stuff members you have available for given task and based on that wait time and resource utilization will be calculated.


          Do you see a valuable feature to support resources on different task types? Feel free to elaborate more on your needs/use case so we can try to help out and if not supported add it into next release.



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            Marvin Ludwig Newbie

            Well, my use case is that a worker is working on several tasks in a process, which is always the case in the processes I simulate.

            I also simulate a lot of processes with non-human resources like machines.

            At the moment I use offline tools like Stardust and Bizagi, both work really well, but I'd prefer a web-based solution, so I was looking into jBPM.