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    httpd and mod_cluster in domain mode

    Midnight Nightmare Newbie



      I have JBoss 7.1.3 in domain mode and mod_cluster 1.1.3 in two servers, master and slave.

      Address of master is:

      Address of slave is:


      I have added <distributable /> in web.xml and tried to configure httpd.conf following this guide: AS7 Cluster Howto - JBoss AS 7.1 - Project Documentation Editor but I don't understand how reach apache address and using load balancer. I can only reach master and slave directly without using load balancer. I have found some example on the web but none of them works! In the httpd.conf I have set the listener on and at URL there is a mod_cluster page with 3 links:

      1. Auto Refresh

      2. show DUMP output

      3. show INFO output

      but in in the two "show" there aren't informations


      I need a guide step by step to configure httpd.conf and maybe some parts of domain.xml (the profile used is "full-ha").