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    Service Task Deployment (jBPM 5.4 using console)

    Matthew Baldwin Newbie

      I have been following http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v5.4/userguide/ch.domain-specific-processes.html for creating a new custom service task.  However, one thing that I do not see stated in this section is how to actually deploy the java code of my service.  I also don't see when I am supposed to use the following code for registering my task with the knowledge base:




          "Notification", new NotificationWorkItemHandler());

      I assume that the above actually would associate the handler code I created with the "Notification" task type, but I would like confirmation.  Also, I am currently using the jBPM console for most of my UI and thus do not know if these custom service tasks can be used, or if I need to go about things in a different manor.  Any assistance would be helpful.  Also please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

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          Matthew Baldwin Newbie

          Sorry to bump this back to the top, but I haven't had any responses yet and am still confused as to how to properly deploy the code for a custom service task.

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            Gabriel Vince Newbie

            Hello Matthew,


            Using jBPM console to define processes with custom tasks - update the workitemdefinitions.conf to define the custom task attributes (icon, input, output parameters, ..)


            Having a centralized server you may want to have a centralized configuration of the custom tasks. Be aware the executors (the jBPM console application) needs to be able  to load the classes of the work item handlers (include into classpath).


            The code snippet you've provided should be ok. assuming it works from the local context. So - when designing and running your instances from the jBPM console, and you configure the handlers globally, in the client side you don't need to configure anything else - the task name should be enough for the executor to find the correct handler (at least it works that way in jBPM6).


            Have fun.. gabriel