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    Commit Options, Flush Pool etc.

    gavinandrews Newbie

      I have a Sybase Database and a connected JBOSS EJB Server. The Server intensively accesses the database using what I assume is the default commit option... i.e. the option from the Standard CMP 2.x Entity Bean container configuration which is option B. Many entities are potentially pre-loaded, cached etc.

      Normally this is fine as the App Server has exclusive access to the database however from time to time I need to tweak the data in the database directly.

      Is there a way to ensure that the App Server isn't caching anything so I can guarantee my tweak will not be overwritten by a pooled entity being written back? (My current approach is to stop the whole server and then restart it after the tweaking).

      I can see lots of things I could start/stop etc in the jmx-console but am not sure which buttons to press!!!

      Thanks in advance,