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    Adopting CKEditor 4

      Hey guys,



      I have evaluated CKEditor in version 4 as we are going to update in

      RichFaces 5.


      Note: RichFaces 4 use CKEditor 3.x



      The issue is tracked here:





      Notable additions:



      • CKEditor now has new inline mode which works with contenteditable areas









      The skins known from CKEditor 3 are NOT part of CKEditor 4.


      There is a new Moono skin that is the only one that is bundled with a

      distribution. There is a ported Kama style that isn't part of distribution.



      I think we should go with this default option and see whether it poses a

      problem for our users. If they want, they can always attach any other skin.





      ~ Lukas